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Global Music Competition Series 'Best.Cover.Ever' Announces Air Schedule And Cover Artist Finalists

The YouTube Original music competition series Best.Cover.Ever. hosted by Grammy Award-winning artist Ludacris and Executive Produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions and Endemol Shine North America, today announced its air schedule and emerging cover artist finalists. The series, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., premieres exclusively on the Best.Cover.Ever. YouTube channel to audiences around the world on November 20.

Nov 20th                    Series Launches Exclusively on YouTube
Eps 1: Demi Lovato and finalists Anthem Lights (Nashville, TN) & AHMIR (Boston, MA)
Episode sponsored by LISTERINE®

                                    Eps 2: Katy Perry and finalists Riley Biederer (Atlanta, GA) & LYNK
(Adelaide, Aus.)
Episode sponsored by LISTERINE®

Eps 3: Jason Derulo and finalists Undecided Future (Orange County, CA) & Aspen (Huntsville, AL)
Episode sponsored by AVEENO®

Nov 27th                    Eps 4: Charlie Puth and finalists Tyler & Ryan (Bristol, RI) & Joselyn Rivera
                                    (Miami, FL)
Episode sponsored by ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses

Eps 5: Backstreet Boys and finalists The Janes (Plainview, NY) &
Party Like It’s... (Washington, D.C.)
Episode sponsored by NEUTROGENA®
Dec 4                          Eps 6: Flo Rida and finalists Halocene (Avondale, AZ) & Marty Ray Project
                                    (Memphis, TN)
                                    Episode sponsored by OGX®

Dec 7                          Eps 7: Nicky Jam and finalists Next Town Down (Los Angeles, CA) & Talia
                                    (Las Vegas, NV)
Episode sponsored by NEUTROGENA®

Dec 14                                    Eps 8: Bebe Rexha and finalists Two Less Lonely (Miami, FL) &
Double Faced Eels (Riga, Latvia)
Episode sponsored by ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses
Dec 21                                    Eps 9: DNCE and finalists Lesha x ELM (Manila, Philippines) & Will Makar
                                    (Houston, TX)
Episode sponsored by AVEENO®

Eps 10: Keith Urban and finalists HisStory (Atlanta, GA) & Emma Lynn White (Nashville, TN)
Episode sponsored by AVEENO®

Watch the official trailer here.

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Check out these recently launched ‘sneak peak’ video clips:
●       Demi Lovato
●       Katy Perry
●       Jason Derulo
●       Backstreet Boys
●       Charlie Puth
●       Other artist videos to come leading into launch!

Best.Cover.Ever. is a cutting-edge talent competition series hosted and executive produced by Grammy Award-winning artist Ludacris and produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions and Endemol Shine North America. The series will premiere exclusively on YouTube on November 20 and features superstar artists Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Jason Derulo, Charlie Puth, Backstreet Boys, Flo Rida, Nicky Jam, DNCE and Bebe Rexha.

Best.Cover.Ever. gives emerging musicians from around the world a chance for international fame. Throughout the series, a new superstar artist will challenge competing musicians to perform a cover of one of their original songs. The musicians can perform the song in their own unique style as they battle for the ultimate prize: the opportunity to perform a duet with the superstar artist that will premiere on YouTube. Viewers will witness every part of the planning, behind-the-scenes process as they mount this uniquely special music performance.

YouTube is one of the best places to discover new music and new artists from all over the world. Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, Pentatonix, Andra Day, Alessia Cara to name a few -- have all been discovered through their music videos on YouTube, many of them covers.  Best.Cover.Ever. is designed to discover the next big artists only on YouTube!

The series is exclusively sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. brands including ACUVUE®, AVEENO®, LISTERINE®, NEUTROGENA® and OGX®.
Best.Cover.Ever. is produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, Endemol Shine North America and Columbia Records. In addition to Seacrest and Ludacris, Rob Smith (ESNA), Georgie Hurford-Jones (ESNA), Marilyn Wilson, Teri Kennedy (RSP), Brian Nolan (CR) and Lee Stimmel (CR) will also serve as executive producers.

Visit for more information. Follow and subscribe to Best.Cover.Ever. on YouTube to watch the series!

About the Cover Artists:
Demi Lovato Episode Finalists:

Boston-based R&B vocal group AHMIR got its beginnings over a decade ago when members Leon "Mr. Jones" Jones and Harlem native Michael “Big Mike” McDonald met as featured soloists at their respective colleges.  With Kelly “KC” Washington from Rochester, NY and Philadelphia bred Mark “Sing” Robertson rounding out the group, AHMIR gained notoriety by amassing over 100 million views on YouTube from fans all over the world including praise from celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus, and more.  AHMIR is proud to use their success to support numerous charities including Lucy's Love Bus, The Pixel Project, Cure AT/RT Now, and Pencils of Promise. A self-titled album of all original R&B songs is set to be released on November 20.

Anthem Lights
Based in Nashville, Anthem Lights consists of Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, Joey Stamper and Spencer Kane. With origins going back 9 years, the pop vocal group shares a common upbringing singing in church and choirs and even got their start signing faith-based, Christian music.

Katy Perry Episode Finalists:

21-year-old Riley Biederer started writing poetry at a very young age, a talent that naturally led her to songwriting and then singing. Based in Atlanta, she has been making a name for herself in the local music scene, performing in restaurants and small venues since she was a teenager.

A pop rock band from South Australia, LYNK consists of brothers Harrison, Andrew and Matthew Kantarias, who spend their off time working part time at their parents’ electronic and appliance store. Originally in other bands, Harrison and Andrew formed LYNK with brother Matthew when he graduated from school, and the trio is joined by their friend Israel “Izzy” Amoy for live performances.

Jason Derulo Episode Finalists:
Undecided Future
Inseparable since they formed the group their sophomore year of high school, Undecided Future is a funky, quirky band of friends who met in middle school at the Orange County School of the Arts in California. The group consists of Matisse Pasillas, Cole Fredrick, Matt Issac, Nick Stone and Hayden Lyskoski. With Hayden battling testicular cancer, Kendrick Park stepped in to take over bass playing for the band during their episode.

Twenty-year-old Aspen Haught from Huntsville, AL is an indie pop singer with an R&B flair. After receiving a kidney transplant from her mother at 12 years old, Aspen went on to focus on music and is taking a gap year before starting college to follow her dreams.

Charlie Puth Episode Finalists:

Joselyn Rivera
Growing up outside of Miami, singer Joselyn Rivera recently moved to LA with nothing but determination to pursue her passion. Couch-surfing and working part time jobs to stay afloat, she’s been singing since the age of 4 when her parents enrolled her in music lessons to help her come out of her shell.

Tyler & Ryan
Brothers Tyler and Ryan are a singer-songwriter duo from the North East, getting their start when Tyler turned to guitar after a football injury took him off the field and Ryan began singing with him. After starting a YouTube channel in their teens to attract girls, they started to build a fan base and have evolved their music to blend acoustic instruments into their unique take on pop.

Backstreet Boys Episode Finalists:

Party Like It’s…
Taking their name from the popular phrase “Party Like It’s 1999,” D.C. area ska band Party Like It’s… captures that spirit with their energetic performances and shows decked out with birthday decorations, streamers and balloons.  The group is 100% indie, shooting and producing their own music videos, and consists of Cathy DiToro, Eric Taft, Morgan Russell, Lee Hallett, Mark Lepusic, Pedro Alfaro and Taylor Morden.

The Janes
The Janes, a five-part harmony female pop group from Plainview, NY, formed through a girl-group audition and went on to become inseparable best friends. Bringing together a variety of personalities and styles, The Janes portray an every-woman-esque spirit and are equally diversified in their downtime, working odd-jobs like serving at restaurants and babysitting.  The group consists of Jaime Swartz, Gabriela “Bella” Barbaro, Tayla Cornelia, Llyra Chambers and Kelly Crapa.

Flo Rida Episode Finalists:

A band for almost 10 years now, Halocene is a pop-rock group that is truly a family, sharing the same house and including husband and wife Bradley and Addie Nicole Amick. Also featuring Joseph Polizzi and Sebastian McKelvey, the totally independent group originated through a Craigslist post and continues to record a new cover song every week with their unique spin of turning upbeat pop songs into rock and roll.

Marty Ray
Marty Ray, from Memphis, TN, was told by his mother that his cries as a baby sounded like a song, but ear surgery as a child made him fear he would never realize his dream of being a performer.  Marty overcame the complication, becoming both an actor and a singer, performing his soulful sound throughout the South East.

Nicky Jam Episode Finalists:

Next Town Down
The five guys in Next Town Down come from all over the U.S., meeting on social media and moving to LA to pursue a career together. Their cover series #youcantsingthat inspires diversity as they tackle songs that are unexpected for their R&B inspired sound. The vocal group consists of Malik Knighten, Christopher Louis, Leon Outlaw, Tre’Von Waters and Terence Thomas.

Talia Martinez
Inspired by her mother, who was a singer in a band, Talia Martinez grew up in a large, musical family and has dreamed of performing her entire life. Based in Las Vegas, the singer-songwriter launched her own YouTube channel and quickly gained over 50,000 subscribers as she continue to reconnect with her Latin heritage in her music.

Bebe Rexha Episode Finalists:

Double Faced Eels
Performing as a band for over a decade, Double Faced Eels have made it their goal to expand beyond the limited music industry in their home of Latvia and make a name for themselves in the U.S. The fun-loving group always takes a positive spin and comically got their name when they accidentally aggravated a club owner who then called guitarist Martins “Mark” Gailitis a “two-faced eel.” The band also consists of Reinis Straume, Ronalds Briezkalns and Victors Maslovs.

Two Less Lonely
Nikki Rechtszaid and Jimmy Levy of Florida met at a social media influencer event and realized their music, already popular on social media, was brought to another level when they collaborated while also highlighting their individual strengths. Together as Two Less Lonely, their first YouTube cover has received over a million views. Diagnosed with juvenile arthritis herself, Nikki also leverages their following to raise awareness and support for the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

DNCE Episode Finalists:

Lesha x ELM
Alicia “Lesha” Litonjua and Emilio “Leo” Malli, otherwise known as Lesha x ELM, met in college in Manila, Philippines at a DJ workshop and bonded over their passion for electronic music. Studying marketing and music respectively, the two hope to blend their talents to take their beats international.

Will Makar
Will Makar has always had a passion for music, performing in the Houston’s Children’s Choir and school productions in Texas before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Now based in Los Angeles, he continues to work on his personal sound while collaborating with a litany of musicians and holding down multiple jobs ranging from driving for a limo service to performing at Disneyland.

Keith Urban Episode Finalists:

HisStory started way back in high school for Rodrique “Drique” Roberts and Jalil Harris, originating in Colorado nearly 10 years ago before they moved to Atlanta. The group, also featuring Travis Belton and JaJuan “JD” Glasper, has withstood tough times, including losing loved ones and economic hardships, to continue to follow their dream as performers.  After a near break up, the opportunity to perform on Best.Cover.Ever. reignited their commitment and stamina.

Emma Lynn White
A lifelong Keith Urban fan, Emma Lynn White moved to Nashville to become a songwriter and was told by her mother she would one day play alongside her country superstar idol. A fitness and outdoors enthusiast, Emma has found a niche playing beach bars and restaurants along the East Coast as she continues the dream of being a Nashville songwriter and country singer.

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