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Vertical Networks announces two new Snapchat Shows

May 31, 2017 - Vertical Networks and Snap Inc. have greenlit production of two original series, Yes Theory and Without Limits, which will air on Snapchat’s Discover platform this summer.

Yes Theory will debut on Snapchat at the end of June. In the U.S., Endemol Shine and its North American subsidiaries are serving as creative consultants on the Show and working with Vertical Networks to take the format to linear television.

Without Limits will launch this summer.  The series follows 23 year-old Jeremiah Davis and friends, on nerve-racking journeys to capture footage from some of the world’s most thrilling and hard-to-reach-places.

Yes Theory and Without Limits follow the successful launch of Phone Swap, Vertical Networks first Show for the Snapchat platform. Phone Swap is the first Snapchat dating Show where two strangers have their date interrupted to be given unrestricted access to their blind dates’ phone. The series currently airs each Friday on Snapchat.

Yes Theory are four best friends from four different countries who travel the world seeking discomfort in the hope of personal growth. In each episode, Yes Theory will feature a personal story from someone in the world seeking their help to conquer an everyday fear and achieve something they have been too afraid to try. This isn’t immersion therapy it’s adventure therapy.

Yes Theory come from Egypt (Ammar Kandil), Turkey (Derin Emre), France (Thomas Brag) and USA (Matt Dajer) and have spent the last two years travelling the world saying yes to unique experiences. Their adventures range from crashing the Hollywood premiere of La La Land and borrowing billionaires’ swimming pools to taking a Christmas card photo with the Prime Minister of Canada.

Derin Emre from Yes Theory commented:

“We’ve always believed that amazing things happen on the other side of yes. Snapchat, Vertical Networks and Endemol Shine have now given us the opportunity to showcase that idea to the world. We’re beyond excited to inspire our audience to attack their fears and get outside of their comfort zones.”

Tom Wright of Vertical Networks added:

“This Show is going to make people cry. The guys genuinely change lives and they do it while jumping off cliffs and setting themselves on fire”

Yes Theory is produced by Vertical Networks with Endemol Shine North America acting as creative consultants.

The second Show commission, Without Limits, comes to Snapchat from intrepid videographer Jeremiah Davis.

In each episode, Jeremiah travels to a new location with one goal: seek out the places, people, or activities that will allow him to get astounding footage. He walks us through what’s happening in real-time, taking the viewer through the steps - and challenges - that stand between him and his goal. Throughout the episode, the viewer is treated to visually arresting montages of the incredible footage Jeremiah has gathered on the journey without a big crew, without a safety net, and Without Limits.

Jeremiah Davis (AKA “That One Blond Kid”) may be only 23 years old and only a year out of college, but he has already amassed a video and photography portfolio that puts seasoned veterans to shame. Last month, Jeremiah was asked by Grammy award winning DJ duo The Chainsmokers to accompany them on their European tour where he documented their 11 shows in 11 countries in 11 days. Whether trekking through tropical islands to swim with sharks or launching off waterfall cliffs in homemade swings, Jeremiah has forged a successful career as the industry’s go-to videographer for the most extreme footage possible.

Episodes will range from adventures in Northern Norway, where Jeremiah teams up with famous photographer and local legend Olav Stubberud, to doing stunts off the insane waterfalls of the American Pacific Northwest, to the streets of Dubai, where Jeremiah will be racing the ultimate luxury fast car, a Lamborghini.

Jeremiah Davis commented:

“It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that I get paid to shoot the adventures I've always wanted to do. The cherry on top is that Vertical Networks and Snapchat are helping me share them on one of the biggest platforms in the world.”

Tom Wright of Vertical Networks added:

“Jeremiah’s life is incredible; he gets paid to do things most of us can only dream of and it felt only fair to have him share some of this.”

Vertical Networks is a mobile first content studio and channel developer based in Venice Beach, CA. Having launched the millennial male focused channel Brother on Snapchat Discover last year, Vertical Networks employs deep analytics and live insight into user behaviour to inform content development and marries this with innovative working practices to deliver content tailored to the mobile first audience.

Vertical Networks’ Brother was the first original channel to launch on Snapchat Discover. Its content features a range of video and text based publishing, home grown formats and talent aimed at the millennial male audience.


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